TSSC Summer meeting 2023

Hello all, TSSC is happy to announce that this year’s summer meeting will be held in in-person at Beckman Center in Irvine, California from May 31st– 1st, 2022. The meeting aims at the general topic ‘Safety, Accessibility, and Equity in Traffic Signal Infrastructure. A detailed schedule is given as follows:

  • DAY 1 – Committee Business – May 31, 2023

    • 08:30 am : Subcommittee: Simulation
    • 09:15 amSubcommittee: Multimodal
    • 10:00 am : Break
    • 10:15 am : Subcommittee: Signal Timing
    • 11:00 am : Subcommittee: Asset Management
    • 12:00 pm : Lunch
    • 01:00 pm : Subcommittee: Education
    • 01:45 pm : Subcommittee: Technology and Standards
    • 02:30 pm : Break
    • 03:00 pm : Business Meeting
    • 05:00 pm : Adjourn
    • 06:00 pm : Social Activity (on your own)
  • DAY 2 – Workshop – June 1, 2023

    • 08:00 am : Introductions
    • 08:10 am : Session 1: Safety, Accessibility, and Equity Challenges in Our Existing Transportation Systems   
      Moderator: Tom Stiles, Econolite
      This session will cover the challenges of navigating infrastructure designed for vehicles from the perspective of vulnerable road users and end with a moderated panel discussion.
      • Brief Introduction: Framing safety, equity, and accessibility in signal system operations
      • Presenter 1: Transportation equity for people who can’t drive or can’t afford cars – Anna Zivarts, Disability Rights Washington
      • Presenter 2: Accessibility for the blind and mobility challenged – Burak Cesme, Kittleson and Associates
      • Presenter 3: Traveling and navigating public transportation as the Blind Traveler
      – Dr. Mona Minkara, Plains, Trains, and Canes YouTube Channel
    • 10:00 am : BREAK
    • 10:15 am : Session 2: Policy and Operations Considerations to Provide Safe and Equitable Signal Systems Infrastructure      
      Moderator: Jay Jackson, MBTA
      This session will discuss the need for change in policy to focus design and operations on safety and equitable signal systems infrastructure. In addition, presenters will provide examples of newly implemented policies such as Ped/Bike first.
      • Presenter 1: FHWA perspective on safe and accessible signal systems – Eddie Curtis, FHWA
      • Presenter 2: The creation and execution of Portland’s equity and accessibility action plan – Peter Koonce, City of Portland, OR
      • Presenter 3: The migration of traffic simulation models from vehicle-centric to multi-modal analysis and optimization – Ben Stabler, PTV
    • 12:00 pm : Lunch
    • 01:00 pm : Session 3: Implementation and Deployment Experiences                                                 
      This session will cover examples of technologies and programs implemented and deployed to benefit the safety, equity, and/or accessibility of signal systems.
      • Presenter 1: Analytics that drive safety decisions for peds and bikes – Presenter TBD, Kittelson and Associates
      • Presenter 2: Leveraging video analytics and detection to improve safety and accessibility – Anuj Sharma, Etalyc
      • Presenter 3: Pedestrian detection and bus notification via CV in Chicago – Preston Judkins, Parsons
      • Presenter 4: Implementation of non-locking ped calls and extensions using detection in Washington County, OR – Shaun Quayle, INRIX
    • 02:50 pm : Break
    • 03:00 pm : Session 4: Emerging Technologies             
      Moderator: John Thai, City of Anaheim, CA
      This session will provide an overview of innovative technologies and best practices used to improve safety and accessibility in traffic signal systems. The presentations will focus on the focus shift from vehicle-centric operations to multi-modal considerations.
      • Presenter 1: Innovative Safety Components for Signal Systems – Dustin Devoe, Econolite
      • Presenter 2: Vehicle Probe Trajectory Data for Transit Applications – Shaun Quayle, INRIX; Jay Jackson, MBTA
      • Presenter 3: Improving accessibility with a push button – Presenter TBD, Polara

              4:45 Wrap-Up: Research Needs


    • 05:00 pm : Adjourn
    • 06:00 pm : Social Activity (on your own)

TRB 2021

Here is the schedule for the 2021 TRB Annual Meetings pertaining to the ACP 25


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TSSC Virtual Summer Meeting 2020

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ACP25 Online Summer Meeting schedule:

Subcommittee Meeting – Multimodal, Simulation, and Signal Timing [August 3 (3pm – 5pm EDT)]

Subcommittee Meeting – Education, Technology/Standards, and Asset Management [August 10 (3pm – 5pm EDT)]

Business Meeting [August 21 (12pm – 2pm EDT)]

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