Signal Timing Subcommittee

The Signal Timing Subcommittee promotes research and understanding of concepts related to traffic signal timing through identifying research needs and facilitating development and dissemination of related research. A primary focus is the NCHRP/FHWA Signal Timing Manual (STM, click on images below) based on the latest research and advancements in the field. The key activities of the subcommittee include:

  •  Monitor, document, and facilitate developments in the field of traffic signal timing application and research, including future impacts of emerging technologies.

  •   Identify gaps in the field of traffic signal timing and steps to address (e.g., best practices, needed research, etc.).

  • Coordinate with the Research Subcommittee to develop new Research Problem Statements to address unfilled research needs.

  • Track use and log comments on the latest edition of the Signal Timing Manual (STM) and related courses (e.g., NHI).

  • Coordinate with the Education Subcommittee to incorporate the Signal Timing Manual (STM) into educational material.

  • Monitor and encourage liaisons with related TRB Committees and support opportunities for collaboration.

  • Coordinate with the webmaster to update/provide input to TSS Committee web page.


Signal Timing Manual – 1st Edition – 2008   Signal Timing Manual – 2nd Edition – 2015

The Subcommittee values comments and suggestions for the STM, as well as regarding the entire topic of signal timing. Please contact Nithin Agarwal ( or Alison Tanaka ( by email with any input you would like to provide.


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