TSSC Summer Meeting Presentations

Presentations- Workshop on Connected Vehicle Dynamic Mobility Applications and Multi Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal Systems

Meeting Minutes


Sunday – May 17

6:30 PM – 8:30PM Cloud/Distributed/Parallel Compute Traffic Simulation (ETFOMM) and Traffic Signal Controller (SCOPE), La Valencia A, More..
Monday – May 18
8:30AM- 9:15AM Opening Session, La Valencia A

Jennifer Toth, Director MCDOT
Dallas Hammit, P.E., ADOT Deputy Director for Transportation/State Engineer

9:15AM- 10:15AM  Connected Vehicle Systems, La Valencia A

CVRIA – Walt Fehr, USDOT
Integrated Vehicle Prototype– Kevin Balke, TTI
AASHTO Roadmap– Douglas Gettman, Kimley-Horn and Associates

10:45AM- 12:00PM Standards, Security and Mapping/Positioning, La Valencia A

Standards – Gary Duncan, Econolite
Security – Walt Fehr, USDOT
Positioning and Mapping– Mike Todd, Jay Ferrell, Matt Barth, UC Riverside

1:00 PM- 2:00PM MMITSS Algorithms – Part I: Architecture, Vehicle Awareness, and Intelligent Signal Control, La Valencia A

MMITSS Architecture – Larry Head, University of Arizona
Intelligent Signal Control– Yiheng Feng, University of Arizona
CA Intelligent Signal Control– Kun Zhou, UC Berkeley – PATH

2:00 PM- 3:15PM MMITSS Algorithms – Part II: Architecture, Vehicle Awareness, and Intelligent Signal Control, La Valencia A

Priority Control (AZ Model) – Mehdi Zamanipour, University of Arizona
Priority Control (CA Model)– Kun Zhou, UC Berkeley – PATH
Pedestrian Accessibility Application– Navin Katta, Savari) and Sara Khosravi
Bicycle Application– Douglas Gettman, Kimley-Horn and Associates

3:30 PM- 4:30PM MMITSS System – Evaluation and Performance Observation, La Valencia A

Simulation and Field Test Results – Govind Vadakpat, FHWA
Performance Observation – Shayan Khoshmagham, University of Arizona

4:30PM – 5:30PM Traffic Signals in a CV Environment – Research Needs/Questions, La Valencia A

Facilitated Discussion by Govind Vadakpat, FHWA and Cheryl Lowrance, Noblis
Are there other algorithmic approaches that should be explored?
What factors were not considered?
How can we evaluate systems like MMITSS in the field?